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Benefits of Using a Steam Bath

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steam roomA steam bath can have lots of benefits for you. It can help to relax stiff joints and muscles after a workout as well as helping you to recover in the process. A steam room is an enclosed space that is heated with steam. In these rooms, the temperatures vary, but most steam baths typically operate at about 110°F. There is some similarity between steam baths and sauna, in that both encourage you to sit in a small heated room and that both work to boost your health. There only difference is the type of heat they provide.

A sauna uses dry heat that comes mostly from rocks or a closed stove, while a steam bath is heated by a generator that is filled with boiling water. All in all, the health benefits of the steam bath are numerous and include the following.


Improves Circulation

Sitting in a steam bath has proven to have many benefits on the cardiovascular system, and more to the elderly. The moist heat that is generated in a steam room can help in improving the circulation of small blood vessels. This makes blood to flow more efficiently as it transports oxygen around the body. Steam room therapy is also essential in reducing blood pressure and keeping the heart healthier. It also helps in repairing broken skin tissues that are caused by wounds.


Skin Health

A steam room works to make you sweat due to heat. As your sweat, your body opens up pores that help cleanse the outer skin. The warm condensation helps in rinsing away dirt and dead skin, and this makes it a suitable treatment for acne. Another benefit of the steam bath is how it helps in removing toxins that are trapped below the skin.


Workout Recovery

After a workout, it is normal for a person’s muscles to feel stiff. This pain, which is known as delayed onset muscle soreness needs to be reduced. It is essential for the muscles to relax, quickly and healthily. Studies show that immediate use of moist heat after a workout helps in reducing pain and equally helps in preserving muscle strength.


Loosening Stiff Joints

You can use a steam room before a workout to loosen up stiff joints and help in increasing flexibility, just the way a pre-workout warm-up does. The application of heat to a joint can help in decreasing the force needed to move the joints up, to about 25 percent as compared to a cold application.